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Tuesday December 30 2008

What will you be saying?...

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis illegally occupied Jewish settlements around Europe?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis forced Jews to be herded and processed at checkpoints when they tried to go from one area to the next?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis limited medical supplies in the Jewish ghettos, offering the sick and injured Jews little choice but death?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis would withhold basic necessities of life: Food, from Jews as if it were a playful privilege and not a right?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis would do their best to limit the outside world from knowing what exactly was happening to the occupied Jews?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis would unlawfully claim and demolish a Jewish persons home and land, leaving them with no place to live?

What would you be saying if you were around when the Nazis went door to door, rounding up men...fathers, brothers, children...out of the blue, for their family never to see them again?

What would you be saying if you were around for the forming of the Jewish armed resistance groups that said enough is enough to the Nazi illegal occupation and atrocities?

Now what would you be saying if you were finally able to break through the media filter, and came to realize that the Israeli government and the Israeli army have also been doing these things to the Palestinian people for several decades?

...What will you be thinking?...What will you be saying?...What will you be doing?

My guess:

The status-quo: NOTHING. PLEASE prove me wrong...

I tried to post this on the CBC.ca comments section of an article pertaining to the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip which has thus far caused over 300 deaths, and thousands of severe injuries. I am quite certain that the moderators at CBC will not list my comment, so I decided to also publish it here.

Update: CBC posted the comment, and it's currently the highest rated comment. I guess I overlooked how rational Canadians can be. Link: http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2008/12/30/gaza-tuesday.html#socialcomments

Monday December 15 2008

Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You

user posted image

I have decided to join the Dark Side user posted image user posted image

Wednesday July 23 2008

My Zune 8GB Rudeopinion

After having used my new 8GB Zune for the past three weeks, I have finally found the time to write a mini Rudeopinion on the device and also post a bunch of photos of it.

What's a Zune?

Well let's see if I can make up...umm, find, a definition wink.gif

Zune [noun, pronounced: Zün]:

A Microsoft brand of Portable Digital Media Player whose innovative feature set, hardware design, and emphasis on social networking, has allowed it to become a viable competitor to Apple's iPod brand. The Zune has the potential to help Microsoft gradually grasp a substantial share of the North American PDMP/DAP market.

Now that we all know what Zune is, I might as well tell you what the 8GB Zune can do, which in my opinion is: Just about everything you would expect from a small DAP, and MUCH more.

Not enough info for you?
Read -> http://www.zune.net/en-US/products/zune4gb...8gb/default.htm

Design: Simple is Sexy

user posted image
user posted image

The Zune is one of the best looking portable digital media players I have ever owned, and as you can see, the beauty of the Zune is in its clean and minimalist design.

The front of the zune is not cluttered with a bunch of buttons, or text, just the sharp 1.8 inch screen, two almost flush buttons for the back and play/pause actions, and the nice and large 2-in-1 touchpad/directional pad. The matte finish on the front and rear of the Zune feels great and also looks great. The Zune's inclusion of a touchpad now makes the miniscule "scroll wheel" of the iPod Nano seem well, illogical, but I digress...

user posted image
user posted image

As you can see, the Zune is thinner than my Motorola Razr V3xx cellphone, and only slightly longer than the "USB Stick" Samsung YP-U2J.

Extra Accessories

Matchstick.ca has provided me with a few accessories to compliment my Zuneohmy.gif

user posted image
user posted image

Pictured above are the Zune Premium Headphones v2. They are the in-ear noise cancelling type that can be used as earplugs when not listening to music biggrin.gif

The Zune R&D team who designed these earphones are geniuses. Why? Well for one, the back of each earphone contains a small magnet of opposite polarity that causes the earphones to stick together when in close vicinity of each other. This greatly reduces the possibility of the earphone wires getting tangled. The next innovative aspect of the headphone design is in the cloth used to shield the wires. Any Canadian who has used typical headphones during a -25 degrees celsius winter day, can attest to the rubber around their headphone wires becoming very rigid and almost unmanageable. That won't happen with these headphones.

So how do they sound?....can't tell you just yet, read on cool.gif

user posted image

The little box pictured above is the AC adaptor: You plug it into an outlet, and then plug one end of the USB cable that came with the Zune into the AC adaptor, and the other end into the Zune. The AC adaptor reduces the charging time by a little over 1hr.

User Interface: As Easy As it Gets

user posted image

Thanks to the touchpad, the Zune User Interface is SO easy and straight forward to use that there's really no point giving an in depth explanation on how to use it. Any 5 year old that has used a touchpad on a laptop could get the hang of the UI within a few minutes. The faster you slide your thumb vertically over the touchpad, the faster the various on-screen lists scroll. Sliding your thumb horizontally scrolls through any options that are listed at the top.


user posted image
user posted image


user posted image
user posted image


user posted image
user posted image

FM Radio

user posted image

Your eyes do not deceive you. The Zune supports Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS/RDS), which allows the Zune to display the station name, station genre, and info related to the currently playing track from any FM radio station that supports this technology. Pretty cool isn't it?

Wireless Bliss

user posted image

The ability to synchronize and update my Zune's content without having to connect it to my PC is one of the best features of the device. I always have new Audio and Video Podcasts being uploaded to my Zune after daily wireless synchronizations that usually take no more than 3 minutes. My music collection is a little over 4GB in size, so I never have pick and choose what songs I want to synchronize, or attempt to wirelessly synchronizing hundreds of songs at once.

After being spoiled by the Zunes WiFi synch ability, I don't see myself ever buying another portable digital media player that cannot do the same.

Another useful wireless feature of the Zune is the ability to share songs and photos wirelessly to other nearby Zuners. My cousin has a Zune 30, so I will definitely update this Rudeopinion with a few photos of us testing this feature.

Zune to Zune File Sharing

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

The Goods: Audio & Video Quality

One word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, yeah I probably need to find a synonym for that. smile.gif

Whether I am listening to music from my audio collection, watching videos, or tuning into a local radio station, when the Zune is paired with the in-ear Premium Headphones everything sounds great and balanced with nice lows, mids and highs. At a volume setting of 3/20, the sound is mighty loud. I rarely need to set the volume any higher than this!.

Although it's not so obvious in the previous photographs displaying a clip from Monster's Inc, the screen on the Zune is incredibly sharp. Infact, it's so sharp that most of the videos that I have uploaded to it look somewhat HiDef. The screen is only 1.8 inches, so those of you who aren't equipped with a decent pair of eyes should probably opt for the Zune 80 and its large 3.2 inch screen.

My only video related gripe is that the Zune software will not transcode and synchronize my XP Windows Media Center TV recordings... for some reason this can only be done using Windows Vista Media Center dry.gif

Music Gone Social

user posted image

Zune Social is one of the major selling points of the Zune that allows the device to clearly distinguishes itself from all other portable media players on the market. The social networking aspect of the Zune device, PC software, and web site are very cohesive and enjoyable to use.

user posted image

Once you've signed into Zune Social for the first time, your friends list is automatically populated by 6 Zune DJs. After taking a few minutes to sift through their favorite artists, and recently played songs I ended up deleting 2 of them, and then decided to look for everyday Zuners who listen to similar musical genres as I do. 3 Weeks later I have 11 Zune friends whose musical tastes has allowed me to discover artists that I have never listened to before, and albums that are worth purchasing. Sadly, Zune Marketplace is not yet available in Canada, so for the time being I have to look elsewhere to purchase these songs.

user posted image

Looks like someone wants to be my friend wub.gif

user posted image
user posted image

The Zune software allows you to synchronize your friends Zune Card to your player. Once having done so, you can view their favourite songs, top artists, and recent plays on the Zune. When the Zune Marketplace and Zune Pass subscription services are available in Canada, the software will also upload those songs to your Zune, allowing you to listen to what your friends have been listening to.

Coming Soon to a Zune Near You: Games

user posted image
user posted image

Zune Gaming is still in an early beta stage, but it looks very promising. Unlike the iPod Nano's "scroll wheel" gaming controls, the touchpad and dpad on the Zune works wonders to make gaming on the Zune much more than just a novel add-on. You can expect most polished games to look incredibly sharp. The game pictured in the above photos was developed by Microsoft's Zune development team, games created by the Zune XNA developer community may not feature such beautiful graphics...but I'm sure some will.


I'm hooked on Zune cool.gif

user posted image

The Zune 8GBs' direct competitor is the iPod Nano, and I have no doubt that as more people discover the Zune and explore its social networking features, the Zune will eventually take a significant bite out of the Nano's sales. If your main PC runs Windows XP/Vista, and you're looking for a small flash based "MP3 Player", I suggest that you take a LONG look at the Zune 8GB.

Saturday July 5 2008

Sweet, I've been Zuned!

Thanks to Matchstick, yours truly is now 1 of only 300 music loving Canucks that have been given an 8GB Zune with several accessories to blog about. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be providing you with updates about my Zune experience.

For now, take a look at my flashy Zune Card cool.gif

UPDATE (July 17 2008):

Last week was pretty hectic for me, but I should be able to post my RudeOpinion on the Zune soon. Gotta say, I REALLY like it.

Wednesday June 25 2008

He REALLY is Canada's Worst Handyman

The 3rd season of Canada's Worst Handyman came to a close on Monday, and the new worst of the worst handyman king has been crowned.

The "I should be ashamed of myself" award goes to:

Joe The Bullet Barbaro

user posted image

I have to say that without a doubt Joe is the worst handyman I have seen on the CWH series, he probably is the worst handyman in North America. I don't know why his nickname is 'The Bullet', it should be 'Hacksaw'.

In just about every episode he used his favorite tool, the hacksaw, to solve any difficulties that he encountered with a specific task, and of course he usually ended up making things worse rolleyes.gif. If you have not seen the show before, and live in Canada you can watch the entire season @ DiscoveryChannel.ca , it's definitely worth watching if you enjoy laughing. laugh.gif

user posted image

The hosts facial expression while Joe uses the hacksaw to saw off some screws should give you a pretty good idea as to why he is Canada's Worst Handyman. biggrin.gif

Friday June 20 2008

East Coast or West Coast?

My buddies and I are beginning to plan our 2008 summer vacation: "Life outside of the suburbs", which will intentionally lead me to one of the many remote (considering that I live in MTL) areas of Canada.

Initially I was thinking of going to Calgary or Winnipeg, or possibly Vancouver. I know relatively little about atlantic Canada. I know for a fact that I won't enjoy a week of cod fishing or visiting potato producing farms....But I'm sure that those areas have more than that to offer.

Ahh...Life in Calgary ohmy.gif : Me after a lesson or two
user posted image

Fishing in PEI huh.gif : Hellllllll nO!!
user posted image

I hear that Vancouver is another Toronto, so I doubt that i'll experience anything new , but I'll definitely have fun. This trip isn't supposed to be an educational trip or anything like that, but I want come back home saying "Mom, Dad ...I'm getting out of Montreal"

Saturday June 14 2008

Nas - I Can

Nas- I Can (God's Son)
user posted image

I heard this song while listening to HitzRadio a few days ago and I felt compelled enough to google it. Yeah I know this song is old, but I stopped listening to Nas several years ago.

I've always felt that Jaheim's song "Fabulous" is the most hypocritical Hip-Hop/R&B track that has been labeled as "inspirational/uplifting" that I've ever come across. I'm not going to compare the two tracks, but telling people that they're "Fabulous" while they're doing things that negatively impact their life isn't something that I respect.

Karl Marx and 2Pac have a few names for people like that...dry.gif

I Can is REAL....the lyrics are REAL...

act your age, don't pretend to be
older than you are, give yourself time to grow
you thinking he can give you wealth, but so
young boys, you can use a lot of help, you know
you thinking life's all about smoking weed and ice
you don't wanna be my age and can't read and write
beggin different women for a place to sleep at night

I'm definitely planning on buying this album. I've always had my head on straight, but I rather listen to positive songs like this than hear the usual "Bling" this "Bling" that songs which seem to dominate the Hip Hop/R&B industry.

Tuesday June 10 2008

Blast from the past: SlimX Review w/Pictures

I found my old iRiver Slimx CD MP3 Player from a few years ago, so I decided to write a mini review...Yup I have a lot of free time on my hands today!

iRiver SlimX
user posted image

The Slim factor in SlimX

user posted image user posted image

Take out a 10 cent coin, and take a good look, cause the SlimX is slightly shorter (in height) than one. This also makes it very light, even with the batteries installed. Speaking of batteries, as you can see they look like a stick a of gum.

Bright is Right - The Remote

user posted image user posted image

The LCD screen on the remote is very bright and clear, and the blue backlight is nice to see. Some of the menus use a font size that is too small for my eyes...but I'll get used to it (hopefully).

This remote is a must, without it you can't do too much...most of the basic buttons/functions are also on the CD Player itself, but with no LCD on the player they're of little use.The Menu system is system is pretty slick, and well laid out. There are too many options and submenus for me to list or talk about, but take my word for it when I say that nothing comes close to the SlimX's customizability.

Rudeboystylez branded biggrin.gif <-------- ----> Snakebyte (game)
user posted image user posted image

Looks nice, and it doubles as an advertisement tool. smile.gif Snakebyte is an oldie, but its fun to play. You can play the game while you're listening to either an Audio CD or a "MP3" CD. The SlimX has A LOT of available memory, and decent processing power, so games, newer audio formats, or anything else that can be displayed on the tiny screen can eventually be added to the SlimX.

Battery Life

user posted image

It seems to be okay at best. On its first full charge, the rechargeable batteries died after around 10 and 1/2 hours. Iriver claims the unit to have 13 hrs of playback time with the rechargeable batteries, and an extra 10 or so hours with the external battery pack.

Sound Quality

Well the included earphones are nice looking but sound terrible dry.gif. They produce practically no bass, and the earphones seem to be slightly out of phase. When coupled with a better set of headphones, the bass produced by the SlimX is not as deep as my really old Minidisc players bass response, however the bass and treble response is comparable to that of my Samsung YP-U2J. There's a built in equalizer, so everyone should be able to modify its output enough so that they'll hear something that they like.

The FM tuner seems to pick up most of the radio stations that I listen to in Montreal ....actually the only radio station that I listen to: 99.5 FM Classical music at its best. cool.gif


The SlimX is...errr...was amazingbiggrin.gif

user posted image

*This is my first attempt at writing a rudeopinion while being sober-esque blink.gif

Anyhow, back to the brown box in my closet the Slimx shall go...

Sunday June 8 2008

Spur of The Moment: A 2 Day Trip to The GTA

I had nothing planned this weekend, so I decided to visit my family in Toronto who are about a 6 hour drive away. Before I could go on this spur of the moment trip, I had to find a solution to two problems:

1) I have never driven to the GTA
2) Thanks to Montreal's adequate public transport infrastructure....I don't have a car laugh.gif

Honestly, those problems didn't last too long. Within the span of 3 hours I rented a car, used MapQuest to find the directions, and received a "you shouldn't do it" lecture from my parents about how dangerous driving on the 401 is.

None of my so-called friends (oh I named names on RBSCC biggrin.gif) were willing or able to join me, so I headed out early Saturday morning for the longest solo drive that I have ever done. After a few hours I ended up at the below parking lot safe and sound, waiting for my Torontonian cousin to arrive in his car:

Telus building near Scarborough Town Centre

user posted image

I still have to make 'the rounds' and visit my aunt, but hopefully I can visit the CN Tower before I leave.

Friday May 30 2008

Knowledge (the real type)

Due to being exposed to, and placed in certain unjustifiable, and uncomprehendable situations... I've decided to unveil one of my secondary motives for creating this blog.

There are serious "issues" that the "Youth" and elders of today's society need to know and have a general understanding of.

Sadly, due to our reliance on the media and hearsay as our source of information...what I would like to call "subliminal misinformation" occurs on a daily basis, which in a sense... is filling our minds with "Crap". Its time for those of us who realize this to speak up. I spend a lot of my time thinking about what's wrong with "x" and what the possible resolutions might be. A blog like this (as small as it is) is the best place to allow others to hear what I have to say....and for you to share your thoughts.

I'm not expecting everyone to *immediately* understand what i'm talking about, but many of you will realize that the majority of the "that's just the way it is" summed up problems in the world are actually of importance.. and we can actually change things.

Yes, I do realize that I come off sounding like Barack Obama -> http://youtube.com/watch?v=Fe751kMBwms

Saturday May 24 2008

Internet Withdrawl Syndrome is Lethal

After almost a week without internet access I have a WHOLE BUNCH of emails to read, and info to catch up on. I'm glad to see that my .:Rudeboystylez:. family have still been keeping the forum active without me

Friday May 16 2008

OMG...I lost my phone :(

I lost my smartphone a few hours ago *I think* somewhere in the metro station mad.gif

user posted image

...other than visiting the lost & found tomorrow, what the heck am I going to do? dry.gif

Wednesday May 14 2008

DaStudio, A snapshot of the next .:rbs:. creation

The site is generally flash based, practically every image contains some sort of animation sweet looking animation. I didn't want to include too many pics, so here's a link to the song submitting page.

* The "crotch grabbing" thing unsure.gif...he's just one of a series of (possibly randomly displayed) characters that will be in that section of the site. Depending on the genre of music that you're browsing on the 'Tracks' page, a character which best reflects that genre will be displayed.

So hopefully none of you are under the false impression that DaStudio is going to be a Hip Hop, crotch grabbing, males only website... smile.gif

Monday May 5 2008

It Takes More - Ms. Dynamite

Wicked lyrics, Wicked tunes, very conscious and nice looking...What more can I ask for in a woman smile.gif

user posted image

She's a British R&B/Pop singer who puts out songs that are totally different from what the majority of N.A R&B/Pop singers are putting out nowadays.

When you have the time watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T87IFnanRPA

Saturday May 3 2008

Rudeboystylez Gear now available for purchase

You peeps can now get the Official .:Rudeboystylez:. Gear blink.gif from :


You can also access the 'Stylez' Store by clicking on 'Stylez', which is at the top of each and every page.

There's a 30 Day No-hassle Money back guarantee, so there's no reason why you shouldn't purchase something. biggrin.gif

Credit Cards(via secure server), Money Orders, and Checks are accepted.

Right now you can buy the .:RBS:. mousepad and .:RBS:. Stickaz and, next week the tee-shirts will be available, and in about a month or so you'll be able to purchase the visors(caps), mugs and bags.

If any of you want purchase something, but you do not have a credit card, don't have access to a check/money order, or are wanted in 25 states:

1- Ask your parents to purchase it for you wink.gif
------------------ or ------------------
2- Send me an email and we'll work something out.

Sport your .:RBS:. Gear